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Oh, Harvey no! Retail boss slams own products in PR gaffe


His company may be a pretty large retailer of computers and gaming gear, but Harvey Norman executive chairman Gerry Harvey this week launched a tirade against these products.

In an interview with Ten News in Australia, Harvey complained about kids “wasting their life away” playing online games and not getting any physical activity.

He went on to say that if he could get rid of all “leisure computers”, he probably would.

This is not a great look for Harvey or his company.



Reuniting with ghosts from the past…


Not that I ever actually watch it, but catching the last few scenes of Grey’s Anatomy this week, I was struck by a hauntingly familiar song playing over the usual overly sentimental closing sequence.

The lyrics and melody both stirred vague memories, but I just couldn’t place either the song or singer.


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