Shine bright, Starman



David Bowie has always been there – as far back as I remember knowing about music, I remember knowing about Bowie.

I didn’t always know his music but was very familiar with his image. I have vivid memories of his face on the cover of magazines wearing white makeup and with orange, spiky hair. Or was it blonde hair with a wavy fringe and just a hint of makeup?

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A guide to the best Foo Fighters songs for running


Best Foo Fighters running songs

I listen almost exclusively to the Foo Fighters when I run. The thumping pace of their rockier tracks are a perfect accompaniment for pounding the pavement.

And the harder and louder Dave Grohl and the boys rock out, the faster I run!

Interestingly, in addition to getting your heart thumping and feet moving, many Foo Fighters song titles can actually be applied to running, as you can see below (Each song is linked with its Spotify URL):  Read the rest of this entry »

Oh, Harvey no! Retail boss slams own products in PR gaffe


His company may be a pretty large retailer of computers and gaming gear, but Harvey Norman executive chairman Gerry Harvey this week launched a tirade against these products.

In an interview with Ten News in Australia, Harvey complained about kids “wasting their life away” playing online games and not getting any physical activity.

He went on to say that if he could get rid of all “leisure computers”, he probably would.

This is not a great look for Harvey or his company.

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How choosing Wilson Parking turned a $9.50 cost into $114


It happens… A whiff of wind is created as you slam the car door shut and whoosh, your parking ticket blows upside down on your dashboard.

Sounds like a reasonable, everyday mistake to make. But beware do so in a Wilson Parking car park and gust or air can slam you in the pocket for over $114.

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Big energy in a little space


Having seen Opshop a few times live before, I was not expecting much of an aural assault when catching the band at The Kingslander as part of their Hits & Giggles tour with comedian Brendhan Lovegrove – after all they’re not among loudest bands out there.

But cramming up close to the stage in the confines on The Kingslander, not exactly the roomiest gig venue in town, below a towering set of rather large speakers, it was clear that things could get a little rowdy in here.

And from the opening salvo of their set, it was clear that Opshop was in a raucous mood and hell-bent on turning out a bone rattling, and almost riotous, performance.

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Revolution’s sanitised post-apocalyptic vision fails to spark


Revolution Poster

First off, I’m a huge sucker for post-apocalyptic fare, particularly if there’s even so much as a whiff of zombies in the air.

What fascinates about the genre is probably because I think it may help prepare me for the inevitable.

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On white lilies and moments lost


Most mornings I go for a run around the Panmure Basin.

All this week I spotted a bunch white lilies growing wildly among the bush on an embankment that I run past each morning.

Every day as a passed the lilies I started thinking that I should stop, climb up the embankment, pick the flowers and bring them home to my wife, as I was sure she would quite like the gesture – and certainly loves being surprised with a bunch of flowers!

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Foo Fighters ascend as kings of rock


There are three things you need to know about a Foo Fighters concert – it’ll kick off with All My Life, end with Everlong and in between you’ll be taken on a full-throttled thrill ride of some of the most kick-ass rock ’n’ roll this side of 1991.

The Foo Fighters concert last December in Auckland was the fourth time I’ve seen the band live, and the second in a year. I was among the very lucky 2000 or so who managed to get tickets for their Canterbury Earthquake Relief Concert at the Auckland Town Hall in March 2011.

Lucky not only because seeing such a great act in such an intimate setting is truly a rare privilege, but also because they treated us to a live rendition of their entire new album, Wasting Light – weeks before it was even released.

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What’s Nivea’s secret sauce for grooming the men’s cosmetics market?


My first encounter with Nivea for Men products was over a decade ago, when I first discovered the brand’s after-shave balm while living in the UK.

The product was a godsend for guys me like who are prone to a bit of shave rash, and exuded an air of essential luxury. Contained in a classically stylish white glass bottle, the balm was soothing and had a hint of refreshing fragrance.

Using it made you feel both manly and well-groomed, and it has been a part of my shaving ritual ever since.

Over the years, as age slowly started taking its inevitable toll, I began to add the odd dollop of moisturiser and face cleaning products to my very limited cosmetic routine, and once again Nivea For Men turned out to be my brand of choice.

More recently, I switched to Nivea shaving cream, after years of using traditional brands like Gillette or Schick.

So I got thinking – what’s the secret to marketing a brand of cosmetics for men? How has Nivea snared me as such an avid customer – am I a fan-boy or just a very lazy shopper?

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Reuniting with ghosts from the past…


Not that I ever actually watch it, but catching the last few scenes of Grey’s Anatomy this week, I was struck by a hauntingly familiar song playing over the usual overly sentimental closing sequence.

The lyrics and melody both stirred vague memories, but I just couldn’t place either the song or singer.

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