Reuniting with ghosts from the past…

Not that I ever actually watch it, but catching the last few scenes of Grey’s Anatomy this week, I was struck by a hauntingly familiar song playing over the usual overly sentimental closing sequence.

The lyrics and melody both stirred vague memories, but I just couldn’t place either the song or singer.

A very distinctive snippet of the lyrics – “I think last night, you were driving circles around me” stuck in my head the next day so I punched the phrase into Google and what do you know – a result!

Turns out the song is an old favourite – Kristin Hersh’s “Your Ghost”, but in this case performed by a Greg Laswell, whom, I must admit, I’d never heard of before, but he seems worth checking out.

Anyway, his rendition is pretty good, but I still prefer the original especially with REM’s Michael Stipe’s fittingly haunting backing vocals, which always sends shivers down my spine.

This song dates back to a particularly memorable time of my life when I was just starting out as a journalist back in Jo’burg and trying to find my way in the world. Some might say I’m still in that phase! Needless to say this track has brought back a flood of memories and a few forgotten ghosts…

Incidentally Irish singer/songwriter Lisa Hannigan also did a cover of the track in collaboration with Damian Rice, but again nothing matches the Hersh/Stipe combo.

So, I guess I owe a thanks to Greys for reuniting me with a song I’d lost touch with… but don’t count on me becoming a regular viewer.


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  1. Luigi Cappel Says:

    Shows the power of music. So often when you hear a song that you can remember what was happening in your life at the time it came out.

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